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Wine routes

The village of Afur is made up of rock dwellings and small thatched houses. It is the starting point of the hike, with the crossing of a ravine with water all year round. It is one of the most remote and beautiful corners of Tenerife.

Then, the path crosses the coast and reaches the hamlet of Chorro, with traces of ancient civilizations, vineyards, presses and wine cellars for the production of local wine.

A little later, in the village of Taganana, we will taste and experience the unique flavor and color of this wine.


Positive elevation: 550 m. Vertical drop: 660 m.
4 h 30 walk - 8 km



Anaga massif, wild and isolated. From the village at the end of the world of Bejia, ascent towards the peaceful village of Pedro Alvarez by charming paths with exuberant vegetation, between eucalyptus and junipers. Continuation of the hike on a path in a green balcony, lined with giant dandelions, bellflowers and vines. Descend towards punta del Hidalgo to return to Bejia, with breathtaking views of the north coast of Tenerife.

Positive elevation: 450 m. Vertical drop: 450 m - 4h15 walk


Teno viola and Teno lighthouse -

Return by boat to Los gigantes

We start this beautiful hike from the village of El Palmar through terraced crops and vineyards. We cross the barranco del Charco to reach the village of Teno alto, renowned for its goat farming and its cheese. Descend towards the Teno lighthouse, between cultivation and prickly pears. Upon arrival, embark on a boat and return along the immense coastal cliffs of Los Gigantes, which are among the highest sea cliffs in Europe.

Positive elevation: 400 m. Vertical drop: 980 m. 4 h 30 of walking - 45 minutes of navigation.

rando tenerife
randonnée tenerife
rando tenerife teide
rando teide ascension levé de soleil


And for all those who want to climb Teide, but haven't had the chance or the time to get

authorization .... well there is always a possibility. Contact us to be able to admire the sunrise and observe the shadow of the majestic Teide taking shape on the Atlantic.


y mucho mas ...

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