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Welcome to the hiking trails ...

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Discovery through the hiking trails of the South of the Island of Tenerife
3 protected spaces:
Protected landscape of Ifonche
Barranco del Infierno Special Nature Reserve
Corona Forestal Natural Park
We will start with the village of Ifonche, the discovery of the Barranco del Infierno in its upper part, the small village of La Quinta y Taucho,


  • Level of difficulty: medium

  • Type of route: circular

  • Distance: 10 km

  • Duration: 4h30

  • Maximum elevation: 1,128 m

  • Minimum altitude: 1,015 m

  • Cumulative elevation gain: 337 m

  • Cumulative negative elevation:289 m



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After passing the village of Vilaflor de Chasna, the Atajo path begins, which is part of the old Royal Path of Chasna, an old communication route between the North and the South of the island. Once you have entered the pine forest, you will pass right by Casa Galindo, on the edge of the Barranco de Las Mesas ravine. Then you will have to cross the ravine to continue your climb by the Chasna path, enjoying fantastic views of the summit. During the descent, you will meet the belvedere of Los Escurriales (Lunar Landscape) until you reach a path that passes by the Casa de Los Llanitos and will put you back on the path by which you climbed, thus allowing you to return to Vilaflor.

  • Type of route: circular

  • Distance: 12.9 km

  • Duration: 4 hours

  • Maximum altitude: 1,967 m

  • Minimum altitude: 1,381 m

  • Cumulative elevation gain: 777.90 m

  • Cumulative negative elevation: 777.91 m



Sombrerito de Chasna, one of the main peaks in the south of Tenerife, is 2,435 m above sea level. Its rock wall rises like a hat from the slopes of the caldera of the National Park of Teide. During the ascent to the vast high plateau of the summit, after a considerable final hill, you can enjoy magnificent views of the Teide and Las Cañadas.

  • Level of difficulty: medium

  • Type of route: circular

  • Distance: 6.9 km

  • Duration: 3 h 30

  • Maximum elevation: 2,435 m

  • Minimum altitude: 2,033 m

  • Cumulative positive elevation: 514 m

  • Cumulative negative elevation: 514 m

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Anaga massif, wild and isolated. From the village at the end of the world of Bejia, ascent towards the peaceful village of Pedro Alvarez by charming paths with exuberant vegetation, between eucalyptus and junipers. Continuation of the hike on a path in a green balcony, bordered by giant dandelions, bellflowers and vines. Descend towards punta del Hidalgo to return to Bejia, with breathtaking views of the north coast of Tenerife.

Positive elevation: 450 m. Vertical drop: 450 m - 4h15 walk


Teno Rural Park is located at the northwest end of the island of Tenerife

it has retained its great ecological, landscape and cultural values, largely thanks to its isolation.

A wonderful hike through Teno Alto back towards Palmar and back to Baracan

  • Level of difficulty: moderate

  • Type of route: circular

  • Duration: 5h00

  • Maximum altitude: 960 m

  • Minimum altitude: 596 m

  • Cumulative elevation gain: 536 m

  • Cumulative negative elevation: 536 m





Very nice hike mostly in the undergrowth.
it crosses the Corona Forestal with its characteristic vegetation of majestic Canarian pines with hard bark which make them fire resistant trees.
Beautiful views of some magnificent craters and Montaña Negra

  • Degree of difficulty: Easy

  • Type of route: circular

  • Duration +/-: 3h00

  • Maximum altitude: 1333 m

  • Minimum altitude: 1168 m

  • Cumulative positive elevation: 263 m

  • Cumulative negative elevation: 275 m



Located between Arona and Vilaflor, this region is entirely bordered by rocks: Imoque, Los Brezos… which, together with the Ravine of Hell (Barranco del Infierno), give this place a magical atmosphere.

  • Degree of difficulty: Easy

  • Type of route: circular

  • distance 3.46 km

  • duration: + -2h

  • height difference + 133m

  • difference in height _ 134 m




A small hike with a moderate drop on paths that cross a barranco and a pine forest.

The landscapes of barranco are very pleasant to watch,

and the last section of Barranco La Puente has

many interesting rock formations, which makes it especially popular with climbers.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

  • Moderate degree of difficulty

  • Type of route: circular

  • Duration +/-: 2h30

  • Maximum altitude: 1045 m

  • Minimum altitude: 775 m

  • Cumulative positive elevation: 331 m

  • Cumulative negative elevation: 331 m

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